El Centro de la Transferencia de Tecnología en Transportación de Puerto Rico ha desarrollado una biblioteca audiovisual técnica que actualmente incluye sobre 300 cintas de vídeo en el formato de VHS y discos compactos (CD).  Los tópicos de los mismos incluyen temas, entre generales, rehabilitación y mantenimiento de pavimentos, tráfico y seguridad, asfalto, equipo de mantenimiento, administración y manejo, y mecánica de suelos. Para solicitar este material técnico, puede llamar al centro al (787)834-6385 de 8am a 4:30pm ET.


An Introduction to the Dutch Cone Penetration Test
Designed to acquaint FHWA and state highway engineers with the basic use and value of the Dutch Cone Pentrometer as an exploration tool and testing device.
Highway Pollution Dispersion (Air Quality in The Right of Way)
Shows how to design and locate highway to minimize pollution by using knowledge of pollution factors.
Certification of Concrete Lab Technicians
Cover all concrete test required for laboratory accreditation under us Department of Commerce National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program.
Changing Rural America
Description of growth trends in Rural America.
Highways of History
Narration of events and achievements from the early 1500's modes of transportation to today's modern freeways.
Puerto Rico: The Shining Star of the Caribbean
A tourism film, narrated by Raul Julia, describing the tourist places of the great island of Puerto Rico.
Emphasizes on The Pan American Institute of Highway, which reunites leaders and member to discuss mayor transportation problems. The Pan American Institute of Highways also provides seminars and certification courses, training courses and investigation services.
Method of Test for Plastic Limit and Plasticity Index of Soils
Focuses on the procedure of the plastic limit test.
Farris and Bennet Talk Show: The Silent Factor
Talk show discussing Highway Safety implemented to reduce accidents. Highway safety is discussed by guest host Clark Bennet, Director, Office of highway safety FHWA, and Robert E. Farris, Deputy Administrator FHWA.
Penetration Test / Accelerated Polishing Test (in Spanish)
Covers determination of the penetration of semi solids and solids material. Show procedures and equipment used in the tests.
Emergency Relief
Describes emergency relief program created by FHWA, how to perform temporary emergency relief operations and how to apply for funds.
Rural Technical Assistance Program
Spanning the Chipewa
Shows several procedure and equipment used in the construction of the 30 foot bridge spanning the Chipewa river.
Careers in Transportation Engineering
Features young transportation engineers discussing the challenges, responsibilities, and excitement of the profession.
Fit For The Road: Evaluating The Health of Commercial Truck Drivers
To inform examining physicians of the physical and emotional demands placed on commercial motor vehicle drivers and the FHWA's medical criteria.
Using WordPerfect 5.1
Shows how to use pull-down menus to create, edit and format text. Also explains how to setup headers and footers and how to merge documents.
Can a PC Help You?
A brief introduction to personal computer technology for rural transportation agencies, focusing on the factors to be considered when preparing to purchase a first system and stressing effective applications of computer technology.
Idea Store 5
Innovative ideas from municipal highway worker across the country. Ideas include proper tire inflation safety grams, proper signing, adopt a sign and the horrible hard hat.
The National Aviation and Transportation Center
The National Aviation and Transportation (NAT) Center, will become the first comprehensive campus of higher education where students will learn to address intermodal transportation needs.
Follow A Rainbow
Tourists guide of the beauty and history of the United States, Virgin Islands.
Careers in Transportation Engineering

Features young Transportation engineers discussing the challenges, responsibilities, and excitement of the profession.

Ideas Store Volume 7
New ideas in maintenance, engineering, communication, equipment, administration, training, and safety.
Competition for equipment operators.
Idea Store Volume 8
New ideas in maintenance, engineering, communication, equipment, administration, training, and safety.
Your Tax Dollars and Roads
Talk show addressing the fact of how much money is being spent on our roads. Is the most possible being done to save money?
Idea Store #9: Key Tags
New ideas in maintenance, engineering, communication, equipment, administration, training, and safety.
Focuses on the creation of SHRP, Strategic Highway Research Program, in 1987 which is a $150 million study designed to search for scientific improvement in pavement performance, concrete and structures, highway operations, asphalt pavement.
ERES Soil Stabilization: Selecting the Modifier
Expresses objectives of the stabilization, describes different types of additives and assists in the selection of the stabilizer additives.
El Tren Urbano
Promotional video for the "Tren Urbano" project in the metropolitan San Juan area.
SI Metric for the Workplace: Introduction to Metric
Part 1: Introduction to the SI Metric Part 2: Units of Measure Part 3: Reading and Writing Rules.
SI Metric for the Workplace: Units of Measure
Part 1: Introduction to the SI Metric Part 2: Units of Measure Part 3: Reading and Writing Rules.
SI Metric for the Workplace: Reading and Writing Rules
Part 1: Introduction to the SI Metric Part 2: Units of Measure Part 3: Reading and Writing Rules.
The Minnesota Local Research Board
A video presentation of the Minnesota local research board.
Training: The Obscured Advantage
This video discusses the advantages to train employees to obtain a professional, motivated, productive and safe work force.
Energy Absorption Systems, Inc. Products Video
This video presents the growing of energy absorption systems through the years and their importance in crash cushion. It also presents a brief discussion of some of these energy absorption systems.
Transportation Librarians: Partners in Technology Transfer
This video attempts to give a broad view of the kinds of services librarians can provide as partners in the creation, acquisition and sharing of knowledge, based on programs and services currently being provided by Mn/DOT Library.
A Vision of a Better Tribal Transportation Plan
Explain how tribescan carry out good transportation planning without jeopardizing culture.
Training the Trainer: Turning Field Experts into Experts in the Classroom
This video documents Dr. Gene Harding of the University of Nebraska discussing the essential components of successful training. Specifically, Dr. Harding speaks about making training fun and enjoyable, effectively communicating to your audience, critical trainer qualities, delivery methods, training mistakes, optimal learning environments and styles of training.
National Quality Initiative
This video presents the importance of the national quality initiative in the highway industry.
Comparable Concepts for Replacements Housing/Business Relocation
Explores the concept of replacement housing for displaced owners and tenants under the Uniform Act and 49 CFR Part 24. Also looks into the rudiments of comparability and the various latitudes that are available to accomplish the goal of replacement housing.
Seguridad en Vehiculos Comerciales - Tecnología y Práctica en Europa
Documento PDF (63 páginas) editado por el IPC (versión en Inglés).
Night Lights
Describes how bright, reflective materials on roadways and traffic safety devices saves lives by improving the roadway in a variety of scenarios. Shows the importance of wearing reflective clothing while engaged in outdoor activities such as roadwork, jogging, walking and bike riding. Highlights the importance and benefits of all types of retroreflective products to the motoring public. Funded by the FHWA. Target audience is schools, law enforcement agencies, and community events. Filmed primarily in rural Stafford County, Va.
1er Simposio Internacional sobre Estabilizacion de Esplanadas y Reciclado In Situ de Firmes con Cemento
Se tratan brevemente los aspectos esenciales de la técnica como una introducción al Simposio.
What is Unlimited Access?
Road Pricing and Hot Lanes: An Overview
The National Highway Institute Transportation Training Resource Catalog
Highway/ Utility Issues
Instructor Guide, Participant Workbook, Visual Aids.
Highway Material Engineering
Portland Cement Concrete Module.
"What is Unlimited Access?"
Transportation Data Sampler-2
The Transportation Data Sampler is an introduction to the variety of information resources in the Department of Transportation and allied agencies, and is a test of CD-Rom technology for the dissemination of data products. This Sampler contains data bases and reports in a variety of spreadsheet, data base, and word processing formats.
Una Evaluación de Botones Iluminados de Empujar para Peatones en Winsor, Ontario
Es un mini-disc editado por la IPC.
Traveler Information Systems in Europe
This mini-CD includes a report that presents the findings of the study team that participated in an International Technology Scanning Program tour to the countries of Spain, Germany, Sweden, Scotland, and England. The scanning program is a joint effort of the Office of International Programs of the Federal Highway Administration and the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials.
Toll Facilities in the United States
Es un mini-CD con un documento en adobe reader que contiene información de las estaciones de peaje en puentes, tuneles y carreteras.
LTAP News 1993
Transportation Research Records 1995
Papers presented at the 1995 TRB Annual Meeting and published by the Transportation Research Board in Transportation Research Records 1472-1516
Transportation Research Records 1996
Papers presented at the 1996 TRB Annual Meeting and published by the Transportation Research Board in Transportation Research Records 1517-1566
MERL MDOT'S Electronic Resource Library
Electronic Resource Library
Transportation Research Records 1997
Papers presented at the 1997 TRB Annual Meeting and published by the Transportation Research Board in Transportation Research Records 1567-1608
FDOT Access Management/Systems Management Interactive
Development of Florida Department of Transportation Access Management/Systems Management Interactive Library
Transportation Research Records 1998
Papers presented at the 1998 TRB Annual Meeting and published by the Transportation Research Board in Transportation Research Records 1609-1651
Transportation Research Board 77th Annual Meeting
Annual Meeting of the TRB
Product Specifications and Brochures
Transportation Research Board 78th Annual Meeting
Annual Meeting of the TRB
Transportation Research Records 1999
Papers presented at the 1999 TRB Annual Meeting and published by the Transportation Research Board in Transportation Research Records 1652-1695
Transportation in the New Millennium
National Research Council. Perspectives from Transportation Research Board Standing Committees
Access Management CD Library
This manual was prepared as the notebook for use in the conduct of a short course sponsored by the National Highway Institute. A box surrounding a statement, table or figure indicates a visual aid. All visual aids may not be used in a specific short course presentation due to a shortage of time on the instructor’s anticipation of low interest on the part of the participants.
8th Joint Conference on the Light Rail Transit: Light Rail: Investment for the Future
The eighth national conference emphasizes the lessons resulting from the maturing
Suplemento Tecnico
Iowa Traffic Control Devices and Pavement Markings: A Manual for Cities and Counties
Transportation Training Resources Catalog 2001
The Federal Highway Administration Highway (FHWA) announce training opportunities available in 2001 through our National Highway Institute (NHI), in a variety of transportation-related fields. These include:
Highway Safety, Planning, Environment, Real Estate, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Traffic Operations, Design, Pavements, Construction, Maintenance, Structures, Hydraulics and Geotechnical.
Transportation Research Record Volumes 1741-1780
Journal of the Transportation Research Board. Includes 1996-2000 index of Transportation Research Board Publications.
Transportation Research Board 80 Annual Meeting
Prepint CD-ROM
Intelligent Transportation Systems Awareness
Designed to help State and local transportation decision makers deploy Intelligent Transportation Systems. This program contains the following:
What are intelligent transportation system?
Success stories
Strategic considerations
Planning and intelligent transportation systems implementation
Transportation Research Records
Journal of the Trasportation Research Board. Volumes 1781-1818. Includes 1997-2001 index of Trasnportation Research Board Publications.
Transportation Research Board 82nd Annual Meeting
Compendium of Papers CD-ROM.
2004 National LTAP/TTAP Conference
Story tellers: Inspiring the next chapter
Transportation Research Board 83er Annual Meeting
Compendium of Papers CD-ROM
Freight Transportation: The European Market
The purpose of the international scan was to investigate the issues, constraints, opportunities, and challenges faced by the European Union (EU) in developing a policy of open boundaries and what strategies it uses to implement the policy. The panel met with government representatives, terminal operators, logistics providers, and shippers to gain a
broad understanding of how the EU has attempted to develop a common market, and how the private sector has responded. The group met with various industry and government representatives from the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, and with representatives of the European Commission in Brussels. Findings from this study could be relevant to the United States, Canada, and Mexico in developing a common North American market. These lessons also are important for national and subnational investment decisions relating to enhanced freight movement. Case studies of public/private sector freight investment initiatives in the EU may be of particular interest.
Transportación y Uso de Terrenos
Truck Trailer Transit's Electronic Catalog and Price Sheet
Southwire Comprehensive Product Catalog
This electronic catalog features Southwire's extensive line of products along with data
MIMS Open Enterprise Demonstration
This easy-to-use presentation begins with a high-level overview of what MIMS Open Enterprise can achive for a wide variety of organizations. You can then choose fromo one of four industry areas: Mining, Transportation, Utilities or Fixed Plant. You'll then see -- in detail -- how MIMS enhances peformance and profits for organizations like yours.
Mendocino Version Traffic Safety Review
Presentation about traffic and safety
Universal Operations Guide For Drivers in Paratransit
Comprehensive Intersection Resource Library
Compilation of resources and educational materials about traditional signalized and unsignalized intersections, roundabouts, highway/rail grade crossings, and non-traditional intersections.


Geotecnología, Drenaje, Agua:

Cleaning Lined Ditches, Culverts and Catch Basins
Proper procedures for manual cleaning of lined ditches, culverts, and catch basins are demonstrated in this videotape. Procedure consists of placing traffic signs, assigning the work, removing and disposing of all debris and obstructions.
Mechanical Cleaning of Unlined Ditches
Provides a review of ditch structure and its function, and selection of the type of equipment to be used (motor grader or excavator) depending on ditch conditions. Also covered are planning the job, and removing traffic control devices.
Lime - The Versatile Stabilizer in Construction
Discusses the advantages in the use of lime as a stabilizer in construction, and the proper procedures and equipment to use.
Repair of Minor Landslides and Rain Gutter Cleaning
Procedures for cleaning cut ditches and remaining minor slides.
Drainage Maintenance
Focuses on importance of culvert and catch basin cleaning. Plugged culverts are shown being cleaned out mechanically and manually. Special attention is given to inlets and outlets and flow lines.
Getting Across Aquatic Organism and Road-stream Crossings: A Brief Introduction
This short video illustrate why and how road-steam crossing are constructed ti pass aquatic organism. It is a very brief introduction to the subject intended principally for land managers.
Getting Across Aquatic Organism and Road-stream Crossing:General Overview
This video provides a general overview of aquatic organism passage at road-stream crossings. It is intended for people who want to broaden their understanding of the issue and its solutions.
Inspection of Ground Anchors and Soil Nails
Two interactives CDs that provide field inspectors with the background knowledge of construction of ground anchors during construction. The CDs provide information useful to both the experienced and inexperienced ground anchor inspector. The two CDs are organized under two main parts: CD1-PRECONSTRUCTION and CD2-CONSTRUCTION INSPECTION, to allow for easy reference in the office and the field.