El Centro de la Transferencia de Tecnología en Transportación de Puerto Rico ha desarrollado una biblioteca audiovisual técnica que actualmente incluye sobre 300 cintas de vídeo en el formato de VHS y discos compactos (CD).  Los tópicos de los mismos incluyen temas, entre generales, rehabilitación y mantenimiento de pavimentos, tráfico y seguridad, asfalto, equipo de mantenimiento, administración y manejo, y mecánica de suelos. Para solicitar este material técnico, puede llamar al centro al (787)834-6385 de 8am a 4:30pm ET.


Slip Form Paving, Asphalt Concrete, Techniques For Superior Asphalt Paving, Sulfur Asphalt
This tape shows equipment components and advantages of using CMI slip form paving. Shows history, properties, aggregates, tests, and preparation procedures of asphalt concrete. Basic considerations and pave operating techniques that apply to the paving job. Discusses Sulfur-Extended-Asphalt and Sulfur-Asphalt-Sand which are paving mixes containing asphalt and the advantages these provide.
New Work Zone Safety Devices
Bonded Concrete Overlay
Techniques in Concrete Overlay: history, procedure, benefits surface preparation.
Cement Treated Base and PCC
Information in the film is designed to help with the inspection of the cement treated base and concrete paving operation.
AASHTO Road Test: Construction and Materials, Pavement Research, Road to Better Roads
Covers Material and Construction of AASHTO Road Test Facility, located in Ottawa, Illinois.
CPR and Dow Corning Highway Joint Sealant
Shows CPR (Construction Pavement Restoration) and Techniques in restructuring construction joints and cracks. Emphasizes the use of 888 joint sealant.
Dow Corning 888 Silicone Joint Sealant Installation Procedures
Shows that silicone and joint sealant used in installation procedures extend useful life of pavement
Finishing Concrete Flatwork
Basic procedures for finishing concrete flat work using tool and finishing techniques practiced by experienced concrete finishers.
Hot Mix Rolling Techniques
How to accomplish depth, smooth, and high density surfaces by utilizing ht correct rolling techniques.
Roto Mill - New Concepts (in Road Resurfacing) / (Profile) Automated Pavement Profiler / Principles of Asphalt Finisher / Minimizing Drum Mixing with Dual Zone Thermodrums
Procedures and new concepts acquired by using the Roto Mill. (4:34) / Focuses specifically on the advantages of utilizing the CMI Roto Mill. (3:00) / Provides information to give today's professionals a better understanding of the new generation of asphalt pavers. (2:43) / Provides information to give today's professionals a better understanding of the new generation of asphalt pavers. (3:00)
Portland Cement Concrete Field (Sampling and Testing)
Equipment Procedure and material used in the basic tests done to concrete.
Surface Finishing of Concrete Structures
New procedures and technique for more advanced finishing of concrete structures.
Concrete Pavement Restoration
Pavement evaluation must be done in order to select the correct restoration or rehabilitation technique and procedure.
Single and Multiple Surface Treatment
Course covers good surface treatments on paved and unpaved roads. Covered are: advanced repairs of surface; testing equipment, especially the asphalt distribution; checking the weather forecast during the operation; materials required; how to apply asphalt.
Uses of Asphalt - Rubber
Explains the proper methods, mixes, and uses of asphalt rubber.
Detecting Flawed and Nonstandard Concrete
Discusses some of the different ways of examining concrete. Shows most common weakness and defects of concrete.
Road Management System
"Paver" (or Micro Paver), can be used to gather, organize and analyze information on roads to decide how, where, and when to spend money.
Maintenance of Granular Surfaces
Focuses in maintaining proper grade and draining on gravel road.
Gravel Shoulder Repair
Shows detailed procedure for edge rut repair and grading gravel shoulders.
Base Course Repair
Presents procedure for correct repair of base. Also shows quick test of the moisture content of the sub base and base materials.
Sealing of Fisures & Cracks

Shows the procedures to follow for crack sealing bituminous pavement: Two methods for crack sealing are shown: Cleaning with a high pressure air blast and cleaning with a heat lance.

FINDING BETTER WAYS: New Research into Cost-Effective Pavement Repairs
Research into new roadway repair materials and methods that will help find better ways to reduce cost and improve pavement repairs focused on Pothole Repair, Spall Repairs , Crack Sealing and Joint Filling Sealing.
Hot in Place Recycling "New Technology for Old Roads"
Hot in place recycling provides a environmentally safe and cost effective solution in resurfacing. Stages and methods are explained.
Hydrated Lime Key to Improved Asphalt Pavements
Advantages of using hydrated lime in road repairs to reduce distress, especially the lost of adhesion and cohesion in roads.
LMC... The Performance Overlay
Presents the basic LMC construction techniques. Handling tips, mix design, calibration and testing, surface preparation and mixing, placement and weather limitations.
Innovative Leak Test for Pavement Joint Seals
Video field trip demonstrating the development and use of an innovative leak testing device (IA-VAC) for the evaluation of pavement joint seals.
Scrap Rubber in Pavements
Tape discusses environmental, safety and health concerns to reduce our national used tire stockpile because of the risk and dangers these represent.
Sealcoating: A Matter of Science and Skill
Provide maintenance workers with a lesson on how to perform a high quality "chip seal", a sealcoat composed of an asphalt binder followed by a layer of crushed rock.
Concrete Pavement Overlays
Examines the steps in constructing concrete overlays, provides general information, design considerations, Pre-overlay repairs, Surface Preparation, concrete placement and curing, and joint sawing and sealing.
Asphalt Overlays: The Four Ps'
The video focuses on explaining the philosophy, purpose and benefits of placing a asphalt overlay and is not intended to be a training video. However, the video does briefly present the component and how O's of placing asphalt overlays.
Chip Seal Application
This part deals with the preliminary concerns, materials, equipment, surface preparation, weather requirements, and application rates.
Chip Seal Application
This part presents chip seals procedures.
Chip Seal Application
This part presents some problems that may occur during chip seal application.
Rehabilitation of Portland Cement Concrete Pavements using Hot Mix Asphalt Overlays
The following topics are discussed in this video: Description of faults/cracks and Rehabilitation techniques (cracking & seating, breaking & seating, rubblizing, sawcut & sealing).
Microsurfacing- Use, Application and Inspection
Definition of microsurfacing, how it works and the caracteristics on tha road construction. It shows the advantages and disadvantage of tha microsurfacing.
"It's About Time... Traffic Signal Management Cost Effective Street Capacity & Safety"
Demostrates the importance and benefits of maintaining optimized and current traffic signal timing plans, and investing resources in traffic signal systems. Local officials describe the benefits of traffic signal management and improvements. Describes techniques used, types of signal systems and how to implement plans.
Introduction to Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design of New and Rehabilitated Pavements
Instructor Guie.
Participant Workbook & Problems.
Reference Manual.
Presentation Slides.
Software & Spreadsheets.
Pavement Distress Identification Instructor's Guide
The Distress Identification Manual for Long-Term pavement Performance Porject was developed to provide a consistent, uniform basis for collecting distress data for the LTPP program. Although developed as a tool for the LTPP program, the manual has broader applications. It provides a common language for describing cracks, potholes, rutting, spalling and other pavement distresses being monitored by the LTPP program. As a "distress dictionary", the manual will improve inter- agency and intra-agency communication and lead to more uniform evaluations of pavement performance by standarizing the terminology and definitions.
Pavement Preservation: Selecting Pavements for Preventive Maintenance
Instructor Guide, Participant Workbook, Visual Aids.
PCC Pavement Evaluation and Rehabilitation
Instructor Guide, Participant Workbook, Reference Manual.
Pavement Preservation: The Preventive Maintenance Concept
Instructor's Guide, Participant's Workbook, Reference Manual, Executive Overview.
Techniques for Pavement Rehabilitation
Instructor Guide, Reference Manual, Participant Workbook, Visuals.
Pavement Smoothness: Factors Affecting Internal Profiler Measurements Used for Construction Control
Instructor Guide, Participant Workbook, Reference Manual, Visual Aids.
AASHTO Pavement Overlay Design
Instructor's Guide, Reference Manuals, Visual Aids.
Pavement Subsurface Drainage Design
Reference Manual, Presentation Slides.
Concrete Pavement Design Details and Construction Practices
Instructor Guide, Participant Workbook, Reference Manual, Visual Aids.
Construction of Portland Cement Concrete Pavements
Instructor Guide, Participant Workbook, Visual Aids.
Introduction to Mechanistics- Empirical Pavement Design of New and Rehabilitated Pavements
Instructor Guide, Participant Workbook and Problems, Reference Manual, Presentation Slides, Software & Spreadsheets.
Superpave Fundamentals Course No. 13153
Instructor Guide, Participant Guide, Visual Aids, Exercises.
Use of CPM for Estimating, Scheduling and Timely Completion
Course Materials.
Pavement Management Systems
Participant's Manual, Instructor's Manual, Visuals.
The quik, cost-effective, environmentally friendly fix for failed concrete pavement.
HIPERPAV Version 2.4.1
ACPA Streets and Local Roads Resources
NCHRP:Recommended Use of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement in Superpave Mix Design Method
This CD contains a video, theNational Cooperative Highway Research Program & NCHRP Project 9-12.
The Right Choice for Tough Duty
Roller-Compacted Concrete. Es del RCC Pavement.
Pavement Recycling Guidelines for State and Local Government
Pavement Recycling Guidelines for State and Local Governments - Participant's Reference Book
Pavement Preservation: The Preventive Maintenance Concept Course No. 13154
Course provides an introduction to the concept of pavement preventive maintenance, including a description of currently available tools and thechnology that make the implementation of a pavement preventive maintenance program feasible.
Pavement Preservation Stste of the Practice
This report summarizes survey data on PPM practices and programs in the 40 responding States and Puerto Rico (PR) in two sections: findings about State programs; and findings regarding which PPM technologies are used and how decisions about preservation are guided. (Data collected from the Provinces are not included here.)
Paving the way to vetter roads PaveSpec v.3
Through the use of PaveSpec v.3, State and local highway/trasnportation agencies can develop performance-related specifications and predict the performance of a constructed pavement.
Hot Mix for the Undergraduate Including the Superpave Mix Design System
These course materials are intended to introduce the Superpave mix design system to undergraduate civil engineering majors. The materials are designed to be used as a supplement to the Asphalt Concrete segment of the traditional undergraduate course in Civil Engineering Materials or Pavements.
Performance-Related Specifications For PCC Pavements
This CD contains a four-volume report presenting guidelines and recommendations to assist State and local highway/transportation agencies in developing and using performance-related specifications for portland cement concrete pavement construction.
Minnesota Snow Ice control
This CD contains:
1) PDF versions of the handbook and the inserts
2) Mac InDesign CS files of the handbook and the inserts


Puentes y Estructuras:

Clearing and Clearing of Bridges
Shows equipment, tools and procedures for cleaning and clearing bridges.
Concrete Bridge Deck Repair
Good deck repair is accomplished by using the proper equipment, tools, and procedures.
Timber Bridges: Build Better and Save with Modern Timber Bridges
Utilization of Timber Bridges.
Structures Inspection
Covers procedure to follow for determining and inspecting structure conditions.
A Bridge toward the Future: The Seto Ohashi Bridge
Steps taken for the construction of the bridge Seto Ohashi in Japan, the largest in the world. Includes advantages, benefits, and details taken in consideration in its construction.
Timber Bridge #2
Basic data about bridges. Focusing on Modern Timber Bridges and the Demonstration Timber Bridge Program of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.
Modern Timber Bridges: A New Return For Old New England
This video shows the collective efforts of federal, state and locals.
Aesthetic Bridge: Rails & Guardrails
Road side safety hardware, on some roads, must balance the need for protecting motorist with consideration to the scenic beauty of the area.
Bridge Deck Overlays
This video covers the examination of deck conditions, materials, surface preparation and overlay placement.
Prefabricated Timber Bridge Deck Panels
This video illustrates a relatively low cost method for fabrication of timber decks over steel girders using methods developed by John Smolen.
Massachussetts Bridge Technology Workshop (Speaker Presentations March 26-28, 2002 Boston, MA)
State-specific workshop presentations. Sessions were presented on high-performance materials, corrosion-resistant rebar, life cycle cost analysis, bridge management and non-destructive evaluation. Top-notch speakers from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), other State highways departments, the consultant and steel fabrication industry, and academia presented material in each of these sessions.
Massachusetts Bridge Technology Workshop(Speaker Presentations March 26-28, 2002 Boston, MA)
State-specific workshop presentations. Sessions were presented on high-performance materials, corrosion-resistant rebar, life cycle cost analysis, bridge management and non-destructive evaluation. Top-notch speakers from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), other State highways departments, the consultant and steel fabrication industry, and academia presented material in each of these sessions.
Bridge Inspector's Reference Manual
Reference for NHI courses:
Heat - Straightening Repair for Damaged Bridges Vol. 1
This CD contains management design and techniques.
High-Performance Concrete (HPC) /Deck Overlay Workshop
A collection of presentation regarding Quality Control/Quality Assurance and Performance-realted specifications; permeability test procedure experiences, benefits and limitations; and experiences with certain bridge deck overlay materials.
Hardwood Anyone?
Shows the use of hardwood for bridges construction.